Rustbits Tokens

News: Rustbits will be migrating from Counterparty to Enjin on Ethereum later in 2018. Rustbits will be ERC-1155 tokens once migrated. Each counterparty token you have will be migrated to an ethereum token (1:1).

Rustbits are a game utility tokens which currently resides on the Counterparty/Bitcoin network.  Our game utility tokens are used in Age of Rust for accessing game areas, rewards for solving puzzles, and in the future purchasing in-game items and in-game service. No additional Rustbits tokens can be created, the amount is fixed. There are only 37289236.3407406 tokens in distribution.  


Rustbits information

100,000,000 RUSTBITS created.
37289236.3407406 RUSTBITS distributed.
62,710,763.65925940 RUSTBITS burned.

Rustbits are used to acquire game cards, game items, and access game locations.
There are no limitations on your ability to resell the token.
RUSTBITS are on the open bitcoin blockchain currently through CounterParty.
You can view transactions and balances on

The game tokens were distributed on August 1, 2017. 

59.8M RUSTBITS were burned to the following address:



migration to ethereum

When we are ready to migrate from counterparty to ethereum, you'll be able to convert your tokens through a website conversion process.  During the conversion, you will burn your rustbits to a burn address and the new ERC-1155 token will be sent to your Ethereum/Enjin wallet address. 

As soon as the migration starts, we will notify you via all of our social channels so make sure you follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and or Discord to stay up to date.