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Situation Report

Spacepirate games, llc
Based in simi valley california

Founding date:
september 2016

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Age of rust
Hack & Hash


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Mission Overview

SpacePirate Games was founded in 2016 to create fun and innovative games that use blockchain technology without being about blockchains. Our focus is to make games that we enjoy playing ourselves, losing hours of time and captivated by the worlds we craft.  We enjoy playing and creating adventure, RPG, and sci-fi action games that focus on exploration and community building. 

Classified Briefing - Age of Rust

Age of Rust is similar to Firewatch/Myst in a dystopian sci-fi setting. Game levels are mixed between exploration and combat in a first-person perspective. Players solve puzzles to progress to new areas and collect in-game and blockchain game items to aid progress in the game.  The game also features "premier" puzzles which are like a "treasure hunt" and are difficult high value cryptocurrency reward puzzles where by solving them, players can unlock real cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, enjin, rustbits, etc). Clues and hints are provided through social media and other communication channels to some of the premier-level puzzles.

Game genre: Adventure/Puzzle
Game platform: PC
Game engine: Unity
Blockchain: Ethereum via Enjin


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