How to Buy Rustbits and Rustchain Cards

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Choose a wallet

First you need a counterparty wallet to hold the tokens and cards. There are many fine counterparty wallets to use on counterparty, here's a list of wallets:


If you have Rustbits, you can use Book of Orbs or the Counterparty Wallet to place an order and buy the cards quickly. If you don't hold Rustbits, you'll need to buy XCP from an exchange (Tux Exchange, Bittrex, Poloniex) and transfer it to your counterparty wallet to buy Rustbits. You'll also need a little of BTC in your counterparty wallet as well to cover transaction fees.


  • Counterparty Wallet
  • Bitcoin 

Counterparty Exchange

Buying Rustbits on the DEX (Counterparty Decentralized Exchange) using

  1. Login to your wallet.

  2. Click on Exchange then Markets.

  3. In the filter box, type Rustbits Next, click on RUSTBITS/XCP
  4. In the Buy Rustbits box, choose how many Rustbits you want to buy or click on one of the sell orders listed.
  5. Select the fee for the transaction and then click Buy.  Once your order is filled, you'll have Rustbits in your wallet.

Buying Cards on Counterwallet Dex

The steps are the same for buying the cards as it is for Rustbits only instead of filtering on Rustbits, filter on the card names. The asset names for the cards are as follows: ROGUEMECH, FGTNWASTELND, THEBOUNTY, GHOSTPILOT, THEORIGIN, DEVSTATCARD, LASTLIGHT, REVENGECARD, CRUSADECARD.

Buying Cards using Book of Orbs

Buying cards using the Book of Orbs is probably a little easier, but you already have to own Rustbits in order to use it to buy the cards. 

  1. Open Book of Orbs
  2. Select Age of Rust from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on Market.
  4. Click on a card you want to buy. You'll see a list of buttons with prices from sellers.
  5. Click on a price, then click place order.  Once your order is filled, you'll have the card.

Linking your wallet to your game account