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Age of Rust is a mix of an adventure game, a role-playing game, and a card-based strategy game in one.  

Age of Rust is a graphic adventure game in which you solve puzzles and engage in combat to progress forward in the game. As you solve puzzles, you are rewarded with cryptocurency and blockchain cards to further your progress.


Solve Puzzles and Win Crypto

Whether you are exploring a collapsed temple on a far away planet or trying to escape the wreckage of a crashed starship, you will encounter game puzzles. 

By solving a series of puzzles, you can unlock rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. This may be Rustbits (our token), Bitcoin, Rustchain Cards, Spells of Genesis cards, or other types of cryptocurrency. 


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Role Playing 

With elements such as turn-based combat and character attributes like armor, hit points, and speed, the game at times becomes a role playing game.

Several cards in our deck also add character attributes, enhancements, and modifiers to your character.

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Multiplayer Combat


The game has combat that is both PvP (player versus player) as well as PvE (player versus environment).  You can team up and attack game enemies or you can fight each other. 


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Not a "Pay to Win" Game

While some upgrades can ease the suffering, it can’t win the game for you. The game is not designed to force you to buy things in order to continue. You can buy some cool and fun things in the game, but they're not required to make you a winner in the game. You have to use strategy to outplay others as well as skill to solve puzzles. You can't buy the solutions to the puzzles, those you have to figure out yourself.

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We've collaborated with Spells of Genesis and Book of Orbs to support other blockchain cards into the gameplay.