Game FAQ

What is Age of Rust?

Age of Rust is a retro-style adventure game. It's a lot like Zork or Myst in that you need to explore and solve puzzles to uncover the story line and unlock cryptocurrency reward puzzles.

What are Rustbits and Rustchain cards and do I need them to play?

Rustbits are tokens that are used in the game and they are also used to buy Rustchain cards on the Counterparty DEX or the Book of Orbs app. To get started, you can play in a few of the areas of the game without having any Rustbits or Rustchain cards. However, certain puzzles will only give you clues in the game if you have specific cards in your counterparty wallet.

Which Spells of Genesis cards are supported?


How do I know which cards I need? Some of the Rustchain and Spells of Genesis cards are very expensive!

There are hints as to which Rustchain and/or Spells of Genesis cards you need. However, you can also win the cards you need in the game to further progress by solving puzzles. Any puzzle in the game that requires ownership of a card to solve the puzzle can be found inside the game by solving a puzzle that does not require a card.

Do I need to own cryptocurrency in order to play?

No, you can sign up and play without owning Rustbits, Rustchain Cards, Spells of Genesis cards, XCP (Counterparty), Bitcrystals, or Bitcoin.

How do I play?

Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Click on register
Step 3. Sign up and validate your account.
Step 4. When you get signed into the game, type /create new
Step 5. Click on ≡, Profile, Set your Counterparty address and Signed message, click Update.
Step 6. You can use the navigational buttons to move around in the game.
Step 7. Type /look to see what might be around you in the game.

Can I still play the alpha version? Is there anything in the alpha version that is needed in the beta?

No, the alpha version was upgraded and removed. There is nothing in the alpha version that is needed in the beta. Players in the alpha learned how to play the game and know a little bit of the backstory of the game universe, but you don't need to play the alpha version to win/finish the beta version.

I can't figure anything out, why is the game so hard?

The puzzles are on the level of many of the other "crypto puzzle" reward challenges on the internet. The game was not meant to be a quick play through, rather a tough collection of puzzles to work through alone or with others to solve. If you are having trouble getting started or working on a puzzle, consider working with others to help you through it.

Something changed in the game, what is that about?

What you experience in the game can change depending on what cards (Rustchain, Spells of Genesis) you own, you may receive a different clue or hint to solving a puzzle. The game can also change if another player does something (such as drops an item either on purpose or mistake) in a game area.

How to link your counterparty wallet to Age of Rust