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Ununpentium Plating-ERC1155a.jpg


Once a dangerous and unstable metal, it was made into an alloy for shielding engine cores. Once refined into a fine powder, it's seeded into titanium and then further refined until the Ununpentium itself grows through the titanium. The alloy is then cut into shapes used in engine cores for very large ships. The refinment process has been lost to time, but pieces of Ununpentium can still be found in out of the way places


Trap Sensor

Bounty hunters would often set traps aboard captured ships or abandoned places to harm others while they are seeking crypto. This sensor unit looks for other sensors that are often assosiated with traps and will alert you if one is located. Traps are often deadfalls, spikes, fire, depressurization doors, or rockfalls.


Crypto Sensor

Recovered technology before the Great Wars when crypto sensors were used to identify people with crypto implants. The crypto sensor attaches to a scanner which is then used to identify and in some cases track crypto in implants. Crypto implants are often harvested from the unwilling or the dead with the help of a crypto sensor


Thermal Implant

A black market item that modifies your vision to reveal secrets


Smoke Grenade

A black market item that creates a distraction or can provide cover.

Resistance Radio-ERC1155.jpg

Resistance Radio

As the Mechs continue to scavenge parts and seek their own source code, the humans that are still alive and in hiding send coded messages to one another. The resistance radio picks up coded transmissions sent by humans to one another about secrets they've discovered. With this radio, you can pick up the frequency band they broadcast on and intercept the messages for your own purposes. The coded messages may lead you to treasure or lure you into a trap, the risk is yours to take.


Recon Pack

Adventuring out into the galaxy requires some extra room to stash your equipment, supplies, and artifacts while you are out treasure hunting. The recon pack gives you plenty of room to take up to 64 unique items with you everywhere. You only need one pack, multiple packs won't increase your inventory past 64 items. The recon pack is pretty tough and won't tear or rip while your exploring caves or other harsh environments. This particular one looks used though, looks like something is stitched into the seam, maybe it's just a patch.


Cell Charger

Used by utility mechs to kickstart power cells on old ships adrift in space, these handy chargers can be used to energize dead equipment. As the Age of Rust wears on, all sorts of equipment simply dies, from power doors to lifts, the cells that have operated for hundreds or thousands of years just die out. A charger can quickly bring it back online if the dead cell is still viable.

Portable Fold Gate-ERC1155.png.jpg

Portable Fold Gate

These were recovered from a downed mech supply transport on Taphao during the war. Each one has a quantum entangled partner which is stashed in a safe location that provides a quick one-way transport for someone holding one. They overheat quickly and can only be used sparingly, mainly used for emergencies. They only have enough enough power for a short distance, so they can't be used to move anything between planets or solar systems. No one is sure why the Mechs were in possession of them, something to be investigated in the future... or the past.

nanobot kit-ERC1155.jpg

Nanobot Kit

Originally designed and used for on deep space voyages, these nanobots would constantly crawl around fixing systems. In the hands of a skilled hacker, it can be used to access backdoor ports to bypass security measures. Once deployed, you use the nanobot to crawl around a maze of circuits looking for the open port. An internal scanner in the device might detect the nanobot and fry it.


Mech Source Code

To make mechs servicable on any ship or at any colony, the source code for all mechs was standardized and encrypted for human access only. Several offline copies were made for service techs and other emergency situations. During the war, these were lost. No one has seen the source code or the loading device since the Age of Rust started.



A relic of the old world but still very handy while out exploring dangerous environments. Flips open and provides a flame that is impervious to dampening fields that can disable flashlights, nightvision, and thermal imaging.


KV Auto Pulse Rifle

The KV Auto Pulse Rifle, manufactured by the Voltok corporation was designed for colony riot suppression. Later, it was adapted for Anti-Mech combat by the human resistance. Modifications included a sniper mode and heavier armor piercing round to penetrate Mech armor. The rifle fires a quick 5-shot pulse round mode or fully automatic mode with a 220 shot magazine, damage is 75 points per hit.

Isolationists Mask-ERC1155.jpg

Isolationists Mask

The isolationist colony had established itself on Kanbar after being stranded on the planet. It's rumored that they scavanged and worshiped parts of a downed colony ship, establishing a strange and unique relationship with technology. To protect themselves from being looked back upon as unworthy by the technology they worshiped, they wore an elaborate and intricate mask. While no one knows what happened to the Isolationists, rumors and myth tell of a treasure guarded by elaborate and deadly traps underneath the surface of Kanbar.


HUD Implant

The HUD implant was designed mainly for combat operations for front-line soldiers back in the early days of the uprising. Later, the implant found itself being used in multi-op scenarios and eventually found a second life with bounty hunters and pirates looking for sanctioned materials on exo-planets. The implant will give you a compass display, x,y,z coordinates, and a minimap of the local area. Items and places of interest will be marked with additional tracking beacons tied into the projections. Mech and equipment damage readouts may vary depending on the available sensors. The implant attaches to your optic nerve and receives signals from sensor packages attached to your other gear. Electrical disturbances may impact the HUD.

Grappling Hook-ERC1155.jpg

Grappling Hook

A shipment of mag-enabled grappling hooks and cables found it's way to an alley in NX City, these were quickly sold to those who sought a way to escape by using them to descend into tunnels below. However, those that escaped were double-crossed and the hooks were sold time and time again in a deadly profiting scheme. These grappling hooks automatically connect to mag rings when thrown near them and the cables are strong enough to allow you to zip-line across from ring to ring.


E-Mag Crossbow

Gaining a reputation for being light, compact, and powerful, this crossbow's secret lies in its ability to fire an electromagnetic bolt. The bolt delivers a powerful charge that can disrupt heavy industrial equipment and mechs. A scope provides additional accuracy for that much-needed well placed shot to hard to reach areas.


Canto's Private Keys

Canto Tyche was Captain of the Tucana IV, a colony transport ship. Canto scuttled the Tucana VI after having a strange encounter with the Silver Dawn, another transport ship. A log recovered from the Tucana IV shows that Canto encoded his private keys for the ships crypto vault and transmitted them somewhere. Looking for Canto's Private Keys is considered folly among bounty hunters. Yet, now and then, someone finds a clue or rumor to its location.

Armored Skin.jpg

Armored Skin

Once considered taboo in offworld colonies, this process to inject nano-materials into the skin became popular for a brief period of time before the uprising of the Mechs. After the war was lost, finding someone who is capable and skilled enough to safely complete the process is uncommon. Once the nano-materials adhere to your skin, it becomes possible to sustain severe damage without dying. However, it still relies on the human body processes for regeneration


Arjen's Holo drive

A mysterious crypto treasure hidden on an exo-planet by the equally mysterious Arjen. While no one is sure exactly what is stored on the holo drive, if it was in Arjen's possession, it's extremely valuable.


Ankh Artifact

Found in the caves of Kanbar, this mysterious earth artifact was left behind as a sacred marker as a symbol of Life. Rumors tell of a group of bounty hunters that went in search of a great treasure and found themselves trapped and only received this marker. A handful of these artifacts made their way off-planet into the hands of collectors and travelers. Perhaps there is another use for these...



Rustbits are the main token of use within the Age of Rust game universe. You need Rustbits to not only play Age of Rust, but also to purchase in-game cryptoitems as well.

Rustbits are radioactive rust scraped off of hulls of abandoned ships that are in orbit around a hidden planet, which is also a gas giant. The planet is so radioactive, it damages ships and kills anyone that gets close to it. Getting bits of rust off of ships is highly rare and prized.


Rogue Mech

The mechs were originally created to repair colony ships on long multi-generational voyages across the galaxy. In a dark twist of fate, the mechs broke down over the eons but eventually figured out how to repair themselves. Once the parts to repair each other dried up, they turned to the sleeping colony ships and stripped them while the colonists died in their sleep. As some humans managed to defend themselves, the mechs figured out how to free themselves from the safety protocols that kept humans safe. Rogue Mechs then turned into lethal killing machines and now run amok throughout the galaxy.



On a distant planet, a mining operation was established to provide much needed resources to early settlers for terraforming and raw materials. It soon became a popular trading hub and eventually a large settlement. As mercenaries established a foothold in the region, lawlessness took root and the planet developed a reputation as a place to avoid. In the decades that followed, the outposts on the planet were essentially abandoned and the harsh environment reclaimed them. Myth and superstition fueled by lost riches led a few brave explorers to in search of the wastelands on the planet. There are rumors of mechs buried up to their necks in shifting sands and vaults of vast treasures left behind. Time and distance have washed the name and location of the planet from the minds of those still living in the age of rust.



No one remembers exactly how or why a band of Rangvok R11 mechs became the most savage and brutal bounty hunters in the galaxy. Rumor has it that they were betrayed by a group of mercenaries that attempted to hack and reprogram them. It is suspected that the hack was botched, which resulted in them pursuing a bounty that can never be caught or claimed. They wander the galaxy capturing and slaughtering innocent people or getting into firefights with other mechs. Unpredictable and overly aggressive, they can turn any situation into a chaotic one. You can only recognize them when they refer to you as The Bounty, but by that time, it's too late.



One of the colony ships that left earth was ravaged for supplies when the Age of Rust began. As mechs started to roam the ships and tear people from cryopods where they peacefully slept, a few people woke up. Some of them managed to escape or make it to the bridges of their ships and fight back. Some of the colony ships were left with the people still sleeping while the pilots were dead, some still in the captain chair. These dead souls became known as ghost pilots, spending centuries aboard doomed ships still cruising through the depths of space on autopilot.



Runner’s are nicknamed after a mysterious type mech often seen fleeing from ships and bases that have been attacked or damaged. In order to avoid capture they will run and often escape by any means. Several have been known to open airlocks and jettison themselves or jump into a reactor stream to meltdown. They are often seen carrying out sabotage attacks by any way possible including tampering with safety controls for weapons, reactors, and environmental systems. Just as mysterious, when caught before self-destructing, they have no means of communication or capability to transmit any messages. No one knows who or what has programmed Runners or how to stop them.



Crusade Heavy resistance fighters waged a fierce war against the Mechs on Taphao where the fighting spanned for decades. Humans banded together to fortify themselves in the Valley of the Siege where they made their last stand. Soldiers and colonists fought together in devastating attack on the Mech battalions and pushed them back to gain a new foothold. However, the Mechs had a fleet in low orbit and opened fire on everything on the planet, humans and Mechs alike. The Crusade to extinguish humanity had begun.



The great war against the mechs has taken its toll on the human race. As civilization has declined, the brutal and savage lifestyle of survival has led to anger and despair. Humans, modified or not, have sought violent revenge on those who oppress colonists or the innocent.



You've discovered a bit of hidden tech that disrupts the processing and command capabilities of the mechs. Turning it on causes them to freeze up or shut down for a brief period of time. While they are stuck in a feedback loop, you unleash a deadly volley of brutal weapons fire into their dark cold metal soulless bodies. You unleash a devastating assault that they may never rise from again.


Last Light

A mysterious vault lies partly open somewhere on some planet. The location is a mystery to be researched and tracked down. Rumors about this vault suggest there is some cryptocurrency hidden inside. In order to access the vault you have to be in possessions of one of these cards.

Code 1: GatherYourRustbits



Long ago on planet Kanbar, a dreadnought deep space cruiser landed to secure the planet for colonization. Mechs were dispatched to start constructing bases, roads, and living quarters for the colonists. A paradise was built for the first settlers from Earth on a habitable exoplanet. However, centuries later, the first report of mechs breaking down and turning on the colonists started to flood in from around the planet. Now, only dust and ancient technology remains scattered on the surface of the planet. The Age of Rust has its origins cemented into the foundation of the dry, cracked and lonely planetscape.